The Project

Melbourne City Mission will establish an innovative, world-first, fully integrated youth crisis accommodation and service model to reach and support the most challenging group of young people experiencing homelessness across Melbourne.

At 19 King Street, Melbourne CBD, we're redeveloping our current Frontyard Youth Services to include 18 beds of crisis accommodation together with a new innovative disruptive model of care that's never been delivered before. It will be a one-stop-shop for everything a young person needs to rebuild their life.

Put simply, Melbourne City Mission will deliver a world-first model of care which includes a 24-hour service model with 24-hour intake, meaning that no matter the time of day:

  • A young person will receive a full suite of services
  • A young person can go from street to bed with lowest possible barriers to access, with significant positive flow-ons for emergency services and Child Protection.

About the building

Melbourne City Mission is able to achieve this world-first innovation through redeveloping the existing internal footprint of our King Street site, which houses the current Frontyard services.

Redevelopment works will be carried out to provide:
  • 2 floors of integrated service provision
  • 2 floors of crisis accommodation (9 beds per floor) for young people experiencing homelessness.

Construction work commenced on 17 July 2018

Victorian Minister for Housing, Martin Foley, was on-site at Melbourne City Mission's Frontyard Youth Services at 19 King Street, to mark the start of the $8 million construction project. Read our media release about the launch here.

About the disruptive model of care

To our existing Frontyard Youth Services we are adding five new elements;

  • A new 'pathway breaking' model of youth crisis accommodation, comprising 18 'step-up and step-down' beds that are fully integrated with Frontyard multidisciplinary supports.
  • An integrated service model providing case management, coordination of outreach workers, and intensive support from disciplines not typically located in specialist homelessness services.
  • Assertive Outreach: a mobile workforce will go to the streets of Melbourne where young people are found (e.g. rooming houses) to identify, engage and connect them with clinical and specialist supports. Outreach is provided by a qualified specialist team to address immediate needs.
  • Digital engagement: launch an innovative digital engagement tool which will provide digitally accessible information for the young person and staff. This will enhance communication between the young person and their care team and improve the level of engagement and long-term connection with services.
  • Portable support: enabling ongoing follow-up and coordination. This 'long tail' follow-up and coordination of supports will assist the young person to sustain their pathway out of homelessness. Ongoing support will be provided as long as needed.
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