Your gift can change the life of a young person experiencing homelessness.

A bed. A laptop. Even the kitchen sink. Claim it. Name it. Brag to your mates.

Together, let's build a world-first youth crisis accommodation and support centre and end youth homelessness in Melbourne's CBD!

Help build a room

Introducing our innovative youth crisis centres.

In key locations across Melbourne, we're reaching and supporting the most challenging young people experiencing homelessness. We're combining crisis accommodation (bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms) with everything a young person needs to get their life back on track. Our first project is Frontyard Youth Services in Melbourne CBD - and it's a world-first step towards ending youth homelessness.

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Bedroom & Ensuite Bathroom • 15 items

Communal Kitchen & Dining • 14 items

Family Room • 8 items

Group Training Room • 9 items

Therapy Room • 10 items

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